RIVALS: Press Kit



Frequent collaborators, DVRKMVTR and ESQVR put RIVALS together in fall of 2017. In the past 12 months RIVALS has released 2 EPs. Now they are beginning to discuss creative and commercial collaborations.

RIVALS produces music in a wide range of genres and styles maintaining a strong style and voice throughout. While primarily working in Rap/EDM /Chillout - RIVALS draws on an eclectic range of influences when imagining and executing their music, their global  backgrounds firmly influencing their unique collaborative production style.

RIVALS develops their visual content entirely in-house.. Additionally we are currently focused on the launch of a new studio project releasing apparel and lifestyle goods. (for more information please visit www.noXopps.com)

"We want our music to remind you of a film you forgot changed your life."


MOLLY WATER DIAMOND [unreleased] - 21 Savage and Gucci chopps ride on a deep pulsing beat that captures the essential RIVALS' sound - lush, exotic vocal refrains, deep bouncy bass lines, and dance-forward drum arrangements.

DISTORTION 2 (Instrumental) [unreleased] - Looking past today's Trap Music and over the horizon, DISTORTION 2 pushes the popular future-inspired sound into a muggy, cyberpunk landscape.

Shut Up [unreleased] - Berner gets bumped to the end as Problem and Chris Brown get a polished vocal treatment and a bouncy Bay Area beat to body.

OG BOBBY (RIVALS Glock&Spiel REMIX) [unreleased]  - Que's track gets an LA nightlife rework.

Home for the Summer [unreleased] - Day parties, bright vistas, and sun soaked beats - this is RIVALS chillout.

Yodack Bellow (RIVALS Bodack Yellow REMIX) [unreleased] - Cardi B's chart topper gets a makeover. Minimalistic aesthetic preserved? Check. Danceability issue resolved? Check.

Like That Say It Like That [unreleased] - There is a place not many know of, where the sand is made of diamond and the sea is an endless light. 

Some "remix" songs above contain vocal tracks by prominent recording artists. We downloaded these vocal tracks from Youtube. We don't own them. Not that it isn't obvious, but we also have no affiliation with these A-list celebrities heard above. These are just reference tracks for the purpose of demonstrating how we envision an artist appearing on our work might sound. No other representation, suggestion, or statement should be interpreted from this material.

"Our visual work is an extension of our sound. They reveal each other's meanings."



Like That Say It Like That [DUMMY VIDEO]


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